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Iván Espejo, better known

by his pseudonym John Vermont launches project.


" " It has been in the making for more than two years and nothing has been left to chance. He steadily enters by  a new path never explored before

in his trajectory: Electronic music inspired by the traditional.

From a bolero, a tango, a song ...


The project will start with the release of a single called "CA.MI.NO

and approximately every six weeks the following will follow

until culminating in a complete album.

Each song will be accompanied by the work of different artistic collaborations  (from filmmakers, photographers, dancers, as well as producers,

singers or rap artists)


The author also recovers his facet as a cartoonist to illustrate the

covers of each release.

logo espejo white.png

Chapter one:

"Camino" is the single that has inaugurated this project.


A cut with traces of flamenco in which, by way of introduction, the artist

it shows us the beginning of the journey to his inner world.  

The cover shows us  a reflected and distorted body that opens before it.

While his lyrics, written in the second person, are directed with evidence

in addition. It is the beginning of an internal journey.

This premiere has a beautiful audiovisual collaboration:

The dancer and choreographer Marta Blanchart who is directed by the director

Julio Cerrillo is inspired by the path, and they teach us through film, photography and contemporary dance a beautiful sunrise over Cala de la Vallcarca.

portada camino Mark II.jpg

After the birth of the project in August  MIRROR  along with the departure of an unexpected

and intimate first single with airs of flamenco called “Camino”, comes this second track

that discovers with traces of tango the most forceful and electronic side of the work.


A topic that tells us  through tradition and electronics,

a story of betrayal of oneself.


The premiere of the cut comes, as usual, accompanied by an audiovisual collaboration .

In this case, Beatriz Abad (HILO, Riders, Crucified) is the director and director again.

Beatriz already  surprised us during the pandemic with  "Bolero-drama" of which it was the soundtrack

the song "Insisting". This time he brings us the second part of what will be

a trilogy of clips  called "Tango-drama",

a fashion film starring the actress and model Filipa Ribeiro with the model Daviz Kano ,

in which they tell us a story of love, betrayal and play.


Both the single  CA.MI.NO , like this one in question, are illustrated on the cover

by the artist himself, a personal view on classical Greco-Latin myths

that adds a complementary nuance to the story that is offered.


Mirror  just started and still has a lot of music,

illustrations and cinema to discover us.

portada Madrugada 3000X3000.jpg

Chapter Two:

portada Madrugada 3000X3000.jpg
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