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Welcome to Moonlightin 'Music:


My name is Iván Espejo,

also known as John Vermont.


From this PLATFORM I manage all my


and all my works  with other artists or companies.

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about me and why I've made this platform.

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Do you want to know my story?

My Favorite Song is a Jazz Stardard called "Moonlight in Vermont". Song written by John Blackburn

(specifically the version starring Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong ).


Hence the label is called "Moonlight in" and my stage name is John  "Vermont".


At the end of moonlightin you will see added a high comma Moonlightin ' and it is for the English term "moonlighting"  which means "moonlighting". This is how I feel and this tries to reflect the photo you see in the background on this website made by Ruben Ezhier.  It's just me doing what I've been doing all my life. Get out of the job that pays the bills to continue working in the one that fills me and makes me happy, which is the music I make.  

I hope you like what I offer here. Thanks for leaning out and listening to me.

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