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Producer, composer, vocalist and DJ from Malaga based in Barcelona.

Work with different pseudonyms  as they are " John Vermont",  "" or "Dj Cue".

Their voice is usually defined as  personal and present,  dance between styles like him  indie and soul accompanied

of mostly electronic productions described as elegant and visceral.

He has been a Dj specialized in black music and  world music for almost eight years in the capital of Madrid. Although his career at the decks extends  to 25 years.

Jump onto the electronic scene as a vocalist and songwriter with a " downtempo" project  called

Driving Blind with the producer  Rubén Kielmanselge who published a first self-titled album distributed

by the seal "Otrazona" through  Warner Music Spain.  

After Driving Blind  He moved to Ibiza in 2012 where he inaugurated a personal project as a composer, producer and vocalist called John Vermont . It should be noted that the project was sponsored by the singer and performer Rebeka Brown

with whom he turned as a dj. Rebeka also  worked as a writer and coucher  on some tracks of his work.


Iván has also collaborated with artists from the most current national electronic scene such as Ed is Dead, Pablo Bolivar, BSN Posse or Piek . At an international level in their collaborations we can highlight a remix

by producer and dj Ian Pooley for a song that was produced by Pablo Bolivar closing its edition on the producer's prestigious label Mousse T  "Peppermint Jam records".

As for his live shows and sessions, he has gone through hundreds of stages, some as powerful as Sonar or Space Ibiza.


He is currently completely committed to a new personal project in Spanish.

called “” where he walks between electronic production and traditional music.

All his work  manages it  autonomously through a personal platform called Moonlightin 'Music.

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